About Us

John Muscarella, Master Jeweler & Designer

John proudly states he began working at Lynn's Jewelry Studio on April 26, 1996. He is a Master Jeweler and Designer with an eye towards original and traditional designs.

He is certified in GemVision's Matrix 7 Conversion Training, and GemVision's CounterSketch Studio Training. And has taken the Gemological Institute of America's Diamond course.


He was first exposed to jewelry design while a sophomore at Newbury Park high school. He continued taking jewelry classes throughout his school years and landed his first job at a Thousand Oaks jewelry store six months after graduation. He worked there for more than two years. His second position as jeweler and designer lasted 15 years before joining Lynn's.

John likes working with clients and seems to have an innate sense of how to translate clients' sentiments into stunning, finished pieces of jewelry. One client commented that John actually took the vision in her mind and made it into something she could wear!