About Us

John Muscarella, Master Jeweler & Designer

Many people don't find their passion until later in life, but a lucky few figure it out young. John Muscarella, owner of Lynn's Jewelry Studio, found his at sixteen and never looked back. It all started with a crafting elective in high school. Later, he began working at Lynn's, where he stayed for twenty-two years before taking over in 2017.

Lynn's is a custom jewelry design studio dedicated to bringing clients' visions to life in all their stunning beauty and creativity, using only the highest quality diamonds and gemstones. From pendants to earrings to necklaces, Lynn's is equipped with all the tech needed to make your ideas into flawless finished pieces-they use computer-aided design and they've had 3D printing since 1996!


John believes that the best creations are born from collaboration. "I call it our design," John says. "They're working with me, I design it for them." From beginning to end, he takes clients' imaginations into account as he makes their visions a reality. Rings are a favorite of his, but he'll tackle anything, even more unusual pieces like belt buckles and cuff links.

John prides himself on his communication skills. He enjoys talking with clients about ideas and getting as much input as possible, so his clients walk away holding exactly what they pictured. Making jewelry is his calling, and it shows in every piece he makesl

He is certified in GemVision's Matrix 7 Conversion Training, and GemVision's CounterSketch Studio Training. And has taken the Gemological Institute of America's Diamond course.